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Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Welcome to Arshia Darou R&D Page

Welcome to Arshia  Darou R&D Page

In the list of below you can find some useful   articles.


       1) Mycotoxines.

      Authors: Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh - Dr.Alireza Charoughchi

2) Role of Copper on Poultry Immune System.     

     Authors:Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Alireza Charoughchi


3) Honey and Honeybee Sting for Treatment.

     Authors:Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh Dr. Allaleh Moadeli


4) Importance of Minerals balance on Poultry Nutrition.

     Authors:Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Alireza Charoughchi


5) Role of Nutrient Material  on Efficiency and Efficacy of Immune System in Poultry Nutrition.

     Authors:Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Alireza Charoughchi


6) Fundamentals and Necessities  of Disinfectants  in Poultry House.

     Authors: Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Allaleh Moadeli


7) Role of Vitamin C  in Immune System of Poultry.

     Authors:Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Alireza Charoughchi


8) How  Immune  System of Poultry work?

     Authors:Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Alireza Charoughchi


9) Relationship Between Nutrition and Immune System in Poultry.

     Authors:Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Alireza Charoughchi-Dr.Allaleh Moadeli


10) Role of Probiotics  on Calf Feeding.

     Authors:Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Alireza Charoughchi-Dr.Allaleh Moadeli


11) Role of Probiotics on Poultry Nutrition.

     Authors:Sahar Zeinali -Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Alireza Charoughchi


12) Alternative  Treatment in Animals.

     Authors: Dr.Ali Zeinali- Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Alireza Charoughchi-Sahar Zeinali


13) Role of Seleniumon  on Treatment and Control of Influenza.

     Authors: Dr.Ali  Zeinali-Dr.Alireza Charoughchi


14) Role of Acesol  Plus on Treatment and Control of Nosema Disease in Honey bee Colonies.

     Authors:Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh-Dr.Allaleh Moadeli  

15)Fundamental  and  Basic  Concepts  of Disinfectants  in Poultry Farms.  (new)

Authors: Dr.Masoud Karimzadeh - Dr.Alireza Charoughchi




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